Tyson with 20 years of services in HK is the premier & No.1 Male and Female Entertainment Company. Experience you can trust, so you can relax when you book our strippers for ladies night or stag night and enjoy your evening, because Tyson himself will accompany the dancer to present the entire event throughout the 30-min show. It will be a very sexy and entertaining evening. The party girl or boy will enjoy with his or her friends, you will have a hysterical and unforgettable night!


  • Male & Female Strippers

  • Naughty Cake

  • Sing a Gram

  • Yacht & Limo Package

    Wanted, Male & Female Strippers

    (Urgently Looking For )

  •   Asian Male Strippers

  •   Black Male Strippers

  Also Looking for dancers based in:          Singapore  -Thailand  -Indonesia


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  • Testimonial from Lavina


    Thank you very, very much!

    The show was it was brilliant. For many of us it was the first time participating in such an event and I think it was done in such a way to make it naughty without being offensive to anyone who might be so inclined. I don’t think we laughed so hard or enjoyed ourselves as much as that half an hour. It was great you appreciated those that were more shyer than others and adapted the performance accordingly.

    It was a great night!