Nutty Santa

Mad, Crazy Santa to Spice Up Your Christmas Party


How do you want to set up your Christmas party with your buddies? In a boring usual way or in a fun, exciting way?
Of course you would pick the second option. And this is where we pitch in. We are here to make your party stand out from the rest while allowing you to have the best time of the year.


Nutty Santa – Knocking on Your Door to Add Zing

Having a sensually clad Mr. Santa or Ms. Santa will definitely turn heads. And our professional black muscle strippers and sexy models are here to give you the flavor of the night.

Our strippers will come to your party, dress up in a sexy Santa outfit as you want, carry the task you have on note, pour you drinks, be your partner for the night, put on acts and shows, play out a strip act and do much more to bring out the laughter and fun. Our hottest male and female strippers in HK are the best in the industry, know how to take your party forward with a great show and know how to be the ideal party partner for you.

Whether you are having a close Christmas get-together with your friends at home, organizing a rooftop party for your group, having a fun night with your colleagues or whatever else, we have the team to put on a strip and party show that you and your guests wouldn’t want to get away from.

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